Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

De Balie
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

I will be traveling to Amsterdam on December 7th and would love to set up a 'Geek Meetup' for that night.

What is a 'Geek Meetup'? We have these all of the time in San Francisco. Basically, it is an excuse for people who are passionate about technology to come together over some beer and discussions. They are very casual gatherings, but prove to be very useful in community building, idea incubating and revolution planning. ;)

I will also give Riya demos on demand (although not necessary), will be giving the 'key' to sign up your own account (if you haven't already made the list), and would love to discuss such topics as tagging, metadata, search and photography.

If you are interested, please drop me an email tara at riya dot com and sign up here (Upcoming.org rocks).

Added by msrogue on November 25, 2005



Miss Hunt,
Did you see my email on the location in Amsterdam?


I sure did, Bastiaan. I have another couple of locations suggested to me:
ASCII - http://www.scii.nl
Panama - http://www.panama.nl/
Lloyd Hotel - http://www.lloydhotel.com/
de Waag - http://www.indewaag.nl/en/index.htm

What do you think?


Hi, on the locations:

ASCII - looks rather dark and depressing :)
Panama - bad location, way out from the center of town, and over-priced
Lloyd Hotel - even more remote than the Panama
de Waag - tourist central, and more of an upscale restaurant than a bar

Here's my suggestions, feel free to throw them out too :) :

de Engel - Albert Cuypstraat (no URL!)
Suzy Wong - Korte Leidsedwarsstraat
Werk - http://www.werck.nl/

One thing A'dam isn't short of is bars! I don't know any with wi-fi though


Another location suggestion for you: deBalie is a good one. Dead centre (Leidseplein) and full of wi-fi goodness (would probably need to set it up with the management).

I'd avoid Panama like the plague if I were you.


Alright...I'm making a decision! deBalie it is! WiFi....central...et al...


so bummed i dont get to fly over for this... can't you take some of that google money they are throwing at you and give it to me? (jk)