2960 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85719

Nerd talk... web standards... software design... gadgets... geek toys... food... conversation... what else could be a better end to a week?

Added by GeoffKerr on June 9, 2008



Are you sure you mean Friday night as opposed to Thursday June 19?
Fridays are a bit crowded...


Good point... I'm going to switch it to Thr. so that we don't have to shout over each other to talk.


Will definitely try and come, though I do have tentative plans this Thursday.


Hmm. Is Hooters the best place for this, really? Because I'd love to meet up but really don't need boobies in my face while speaking geek.


Formally protesting Hooters as a location for a "geek meetup" and sad that there isn't a local Chippendale's where I can start a "geek meat up" of my own.

Reactions here: http://www.molly.com/2008/06/16/hooters-not-a-fair-place-to-speak-geek/

Lance Willett

@mollyeh11 Good point! Well, since you mentioned it-- isn't there a Wild Boys club on Speedway (before Wilmot) across from Bookman's? ;)

@GeoffKerr Maybe you should change it back to the patio at Old Chicago. (Or... ?)

I wish I could attend this month's meetup. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the lovely 70's and sunny weather up here in Portland (though I'll be in town at the end of the month for a few days).

Hopefully you'll see a few new faces as I've invited a few people.


Well...I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone by picking that place. As the "pig" labeled by your readers for picking Hooters, I could certainly state that the only reason I chose it is because I like their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. And to those who think I'm some basement-living looser who needs to see hot chicks in skimpy outfits to get close to women... awesome!... that's news to me... I love people....

After talking to the "usual suspects" that come, I think changing venues to include any new people that would be offended by Hooters may be more appropriate.

Who's up for the old fall back "Old Chicago?"


Seriously guys, as I posted, I'm all for the existence of Hooters but it does not make most women feel welcome in a professional, no matter how you spin it.

I'm very impressed that you're willing to change venues. The patio on Old Chicago should be great for this sort of thing.


@mollyeh - the location really doesn't matter to any of us. I hadn't thought it would offend anyone, but since it did, we changed it. Now that there's a new location, should we expect your presence at the event?


@GeoffKerr: I guess I gotta show up now ;-)


I will be there!