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*Using Social Media for Personal Development and Promotion*

Geeks are already doing stuff that the rest of us should be taking advantage of: come along to learn and try out some of the secrets.

This workshop is aimed at people who would like to get a better grasp of some of the (ill-explained) new features of the web for their personal development or promotional activity.

Who would benefit:
* Artists (of any kind)
* Freelancers
* Promoters
* Anyone who uses the web!

Topics covered (at an introductory level):
* How the web is changing
* Social Bookmarking
* Feeds (RSS)
* Blogging
* Collaboration
* Shared Calendars

What you need to bring:
* A laptop (to briefly try some of the things we'll discuss - wifi provided)

This workshop is free.

Booking: you must mark yourself as attending on upcoming.

This is a repeat (but improved!) version of my previous workshop on the topic. You can read about it on my blog: http://www.redbeard.org.uk/

Added by bensauer on April 7, 2008



oh, I'll say it again just in case: if you're a web geek this workshop may not be of interest as we're largely covering some basics (although the geeks in attendance last time differed with me on this point!).


This doesn't seem to cover all aspects of this type of marketing.


No, it doesn't: this is an introductory workshop, for people who've got no idea where to even start with RSS etc.

This is related to social media marketing, but not exclusively, hence the title.


Hi Ben

Sadly, I won't be able to attend afterall as my childcare has just cancelled. A couple of the things I learned last time were really useful and I was hoping to try some more.

Maybe you'll do another one?



thanks for letting us know, and yes, I will be doing more!