419 North Farifax
Los Angeles, California 90036

The Geek Dinner is back for a one-time shot.

When: Tuesday, June 15, 7:30pm
When: Canters Deli

You know the deal: www.geekdinner.org

From an attendee (past and coming)

"I've gone to a number of tech. events with a bunch of fake-ass superficial people who really have nothing to say to you if you can't help out their business. Geekdinner has always just been chill people and a great community."

Added by heathervescent on May 19, 2010


Arturo Perez

nice! glad to see you back for a one-off :)


i attended my first gd there in 2006? 07? good idea + lots of new possibilities.


Oh, just bring it back! Ain't no party like a Heathervescent party!


I'm excited about this.


not sure if I can make it - would like to get there though


I'll try to make it. It sounds like fun.


Definitely in!


How will I know how to find everyone? Will there be a sign at the table or something?


I have purple hair. You won't miss us. :) I also usually tell the ladies at front.


The old geek dinner should come back. It's sad that it came to an end over petty bs and egos.

The last email saying for people "not to get used to it" coming back that way further adds to the dismay of the rise and fall for a once genuine event that had a foundation in bringing people together simply to break bread and enjoy each other's company.

If Heather refuses to host it consistently the old way, I think it'd be great if others who missed it the old way would get together and bring it back the old way: free of the pretentiousness involved in many other networking events that run rapid within the tech scene. I would like to do this, but am unable to do it alone. Is there anyone who would like to help me? Message me.


Jen - we should talk.


W00t! Never made it to this before. First time for everything. I hope it comes back for real.


Great event! Thanks for organizing this, Heather!