22 Fleet Street
London, England EC4Y 1AA

Time for the third Geek Dinner event of the year already. This time I invited two guests, Paul Jones and Ian Forrester, to talk on the very hot topic of DataPortability. If you don’t know what DataPortability is, take a look at the website (http://dataportability.org).

The date is the 27th of February, the venue is the same old Ye Olde Cock Tavern, and this time we will start at about 7:30. Food (open buffet) will be £5, and please let me know if you are coming so that we can guess the amount of food to order. Hope to see you all!

Official Website: http://blog.cristianobetta.com/2008/02/15/geek-dinner-on-dataportability-with-paul-jones-and-ian-forrester/

Added by cbetta on February 15, 2008



Please make a video/audio podcast of this.


Will see if I can record Ian with his own camera.


Thanks, that will be cool. a MP3 podcast would fit nicely on my mp3 player :-)


We also had good success with the live and archived video of the San Francisco meetup done using UStream.tv. Might be worth investigating, if there's connectivity at the Tavern (so someone's got a wireless connection).


uhh, there is wifi but it's not free. we could try it though. there will at least be a recoding I hope.

Chris Saad

I hope to see a recording as well :)

ustream.tv would be super fun to watch live.


I will see if I can get a UStream setup. Does anyone have a BT Hotspot account we can use?


I will be recording the whole thing with my camera pluged into the wall, so there will be a very good quality version for everyone to see later. In the mean time we'll see if we can do ustream or something else.


I plan to be there, health permitting, so if I am I can also record video and audio both. Imp.


Had to pull out I'm afraid - travel plans changed. next time gadget!


how about 'yahoo live' streaming the event :)


gelin: ustream/qik is better since it stores the files. We had a Yahoo Live stream at SemanticCamp, but we can't watch them again afterwards.


There will be a stream. Follow me on Twitter or keep track of the comments here for the url.