101 4th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

For our first "official" Geek Dinner, we'll be going to dinner and a movie at the Metreon.

We're meeting at Sanraku, a Japanese restaurant in the Metreon at 7pm. Then at 10:45pm, we'll be seeing Beowulf on IMAX.

Buy your movie tickets in advance...


Official Website: http://geekdinners.blogspot.com

Added by strimble on November 16, 2007



Mebbeh. If I'm not drunk and puking on myself at that point.


We'll try to make it for dinner, but will probably pass on the movie.


Argh, this sounds great but we'll still be in New Zealand!


Wish I could, but I'll be in Paris next week..


Yay! The more the merrier. :)


Don't think I'll be able to make it, but have fun! Sanraku is quite yummy.


Can't make it. Will be getting ready for turkey day. Hope you have a great time.


I'm bringing at least two more, possibly four… will let you know during the day


Sounds good. Just call or SMS if I'm not on IM. :)


I can't make it, but I bought a ticket already. If someone wants it for a discount ($10), lemme know :)

A/YIM: magerleagues

I am located in SOMA, and should be here till 8 or 9pm.


see you for dinner but not the movie. thanks for organizing!


Bringing 1 person for dinner, certain now.


I made reservations for 12 at 7pm. :)


I'm +1. Friend from NYC is in town.


I changed the reservation to 16. Now I'm leaving home so I can get up there in time. :)


@all Thank you for attending Geek Dinner 1.0. :)


Has anyone posted photos from last night yet? I had a great time :)


I'm glad to hear that you had a good time. :)

I've posted some photos on Facebook. I don't know if anyone else has posted any though.

I'm wondering where we should go for our next dinner. Any suggestions?


I was wandering around the area last night, I think I saw you guys at a long table over in the common area. As it turned out, I was too tapped out to deal with a crowd. Did stay for the movie. Not sure my girlfriend liked it though, but she got more skin out of it than I did.

3rd Tuesday monthly might be a very good schedule.


Well, I can't be sure that all of the photos will make it to Flickr. I uploaded a couple of photos from a few weeks and a couple of months ago and they just appeared on Flickr on November 13th. Not sure why they were missing for so long. I know I sent them via email from my phone when I took them.

Anyways, I'll try uploading to Flickr and hope that all my photos show up. :\