13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

Learn about cider in the company of geeks.

This event will be lead by the splendid Jim Callender.

It's £10

Added by danny.hope on August 29, 2007



Inspired! Goodbye Wednesday 31st :)


Damnit I hate cider.


James2m: Only because your a lightweight! Half a pint and you will be swimming in the sea ;)


Is there a limit on those attending?


there is but I count the comments as a reserve list so if anyone drops off you will be next in line

Jim Callender

Fantastic. Hope I can get lots of people really excited by tasting "real" Cider, until then you may want to visit the UK Cider wiki @ http://www.ukcider.co.uk/wiki/


the limit is now 25 so if you haven't been able to add yourself, now's your chance


I am so excited about a whole evening dedicated to cider ... mmmm :)


Can I still come and bring something other than cider? Had a bad bad experience with a crate of Pommagne when I was 10, can't even sniff the stuff these days.

Jim Callender

@james2m: the nectar I will be supplying will make you forget about being 10. Be brave, it'll be worth it..


Jim, what sort of nibbles do you think we should have? In the past there's been bread sticks but that seems too upmarket for a cider night. Perhaps we could provide corn for people to chew on.


ummm... I'm going to have to duck out. Sorry guys... its my only chance to see an old friend back from Oz that night.



Thans for letting me know though.

Jim Callender

Danny, we have organised cheddar and pickled onions.. don't worry about food... there will also be a 'rustic seasonal hot beverage' as well.. yes, apple based..


I'm wimping out as I'm not sure my system can take it on top of my cold. Hope it goes well enough to have another one!


+ kraut factor! Yay me!


Sorry, I'm going to have to miss this one. I'm now on antibiotics and doubt they'll go well with cider. :-(


argh. just realized i can't make it ... Lib's teaching a blog class that night and I can't get out. :-(


I am really sad that I wont be able to make it. A mix of cold and too much to prep for FOTB next week. I hope you have another one soon.
Have fun


I'm liking the ploughman's vibe, makes me wish I'd organized some five bar gates to sit on :)


not coming - still ill :(

Jim Callender

for those that are not coming I will be posting the notes online... watch this space