417 West 8th Street
Los Angeles, California 90014

Geeks from all over are going to be in town for E3... a perfect opportunity for us all to get together and share a drink or two (or four). Bring a friend or two (or four)!

I am also considering this a Bay Area Nerdcore & SF Metroblogging invasion of the L.A. area. Reprahzent!

Added by courtneyp on May 13, 2005



thanks for setting this up!


I would love to go, but I won't be coming down to E3 until Wednesday night. :( Raise a glass for me, I would totally be there otherwise.


This is too early for me, too. Sorry, everyone. I'm still up for lunch on Friday.


I'm going to try and swing by on my way home from the gallery.


I'm also going to try to swing by (depending on what time I get off of work).


Ooop. Now I can't make it because I've been wrangled to go to the Dodgers game tonight. Have a drink or two for me!