1374 W Peachtree St Nw
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Added by kissatlanta on August 10, 2005



Gates of Berlin rock!


Last Psychic Hearts show in Atlanta for 2005!!
Rock out with Psychic Hearts while you still can!

After this weekend, Athens' "heavy new wave disco shoegaze" band is taking a break from touring and hibernating in the studio until their next record is complete.

Psychic Hearts have recently begun laying down a few demos, and are simply bursting at the seems with new tunes. To prevent any messy explosions, they are getting it all down on tape. Psychic Hearts promise to emerge in 2006 a changed band. There have been rumors than an upcoming Caledonia show in Athens will be the last to include bass guitar ...as Nico has been focusing on synth and keys.

Get a sneak preview of some of the new tunes and wish the Hearts well as they go into the studio!