4014 Walnut St
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Gate presents:

DURAN DURAN DURAN :: lazer thrash!

PORKTAMER :: experimental electronic wall of flesh

knife_jams :: Zapruder film video game soundtrack electronics / idm

visuals by MARGE


DURAN DURAN DURAN: Ed Flis became active in underground music around 1998, DJing at outdoor parties as well as performing live noise PAs in galleries and loft spaces - tho he'd been experimenting with sound and producing tracks since long before that. Together with Michael Chaiken, and Tony Gabor, they became "Duran Duran Duran". Chaiken and Gabor remain involved with the Duranx3 project as advisors, but it's Flis that is the primary artist involved with the musical production these days. Still living in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, he has been involved with the world famous Cock Rock Disco records from NYC and Berlin, as well as Planet Mu and Irritant from the UK. After years of various remix collaborations and splits, he released his first album "Very Pleasure" in 2004 to massive critical acclaim. He has traveled extensively since 2001 playing many live concerts and festivals throughout USA, Europe and Japan. He's currently working on his second full-length LP for Cock Rock Disco as well as 12"s for the Peace Off, Sadistic, and Sonic Belligeranza labels. Some appearances have been: Wasted festival - Berlin, Marke B - Berlin, Wood II, Wood VI and Wood X – Belgium. Nu Music festival- Stevanger Norway and Night of the stars - London. He has also been on tour with artists such as Jason Forrest, Knifehandchop, and Xanopticon and has performed along side of Afrika Bambaataa, Blowfly, Cannibal Ox and Carl Craig.

PORKTAMER: At one point, LaLiLuLeLo and Ecksicon were the democratically elected leaders of Porkistan. However, US interference lead to their ouster. Ironically, these two formers leaders sought asylum in the country responsible for funding the coup that displaced them. They promised to wage a war of subtle subversion through the crafting of fast-food music. Musically speaking, 'experimental' suffices as the strictest definition of their sound. Due to a chronic case of Musical Attention Deficit Disorder, Porktamer has taken on IDM, Breakcore, Noise, Punk, Ambiance, Prog, Hip Hop, Synth pop, avant tard, neu jazz, film scores, as well as many other genres. Porktamer makes sure to translate their 'jack-of-all-trades' nature into their live performances which often include projected visuals.

VJ MARGE has provided projections for such bands as Notekillers, Goldenball, Make A Rising, The Doctor & Philip, Ramona Cordova, Kilroy, Bubblyfish, Sharks With Wings, Beast Infection and Porktamer to name a few. VJ Marge has been a video artist/VJ since 2000. Large Marge started using Avant-Garde footage, Commericals, Stop Motion Animation, 70's and 80's videos, Found Films and more to create live projections for DJ's and bands. He then starting only using Public Domain footage to manipulate collages in Final Cut Pro, which eventually led to tweaking these live using AVMIXER and a MAC. He has recently been working using old slide projectors and slides, manipulating SUPER 8 film by coloring, bleaching, and scratching onto the film, oil projections, and live video feedback by filming the performers and tweaking it live.



The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA

Official Website: http://www.gatephilly.net

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