101 E Waterfront Road
Vancouver, British Columbia

Third in a series. Come to CRAB Park after work. It's supposed to be 29°C (!!!) that day, so make sure you bring water and maybe a snack.

All skill levels including never having played Ultimate before are welcome. We've already successfully converted several newbies :P

We usually end up drinking beer afterward somewhere :P

Added by bmann on May 12, 2008



Hey Bmann,
Paul here from D.C. last weekend. Love to come out but presently on a Thursday evening work skedge. When that changes I'll for be by for game. Any Wednesday pick ups scheduled I'll be there.


Hi Paul! Good stuff...I'll keep putting things in this group. The actual day will change week to week -- just not Tuesdays. Watch for Wednesday nights....


B: great to know!


have a 8:15 violin lesson so may jet off early, but i'll be there :)