101 E Waterfront Road
Vancouver, British Columbia

It's time to dust off the arteries and get the short shorts out of the closet. I don't care if the weather gods still think it's winter, I need to run around outside!

Come out and play some pick up Ultimate, everything from short scrimmages to some skills practice. Lots of discs available, everyone welcome.

Added by bmann on April 24, 2008



Awesome idea Boris. I think my social calendar will be a bit full, but as soon as I can I'd love to come out and throw it around a bit.


assuming i'm not still in plague-mode count me in- though I've never actually played.. :P


I'm there with cleats on. Gots ta get back in shape so I can perform when playing with my old team ("I can't believe it's not chicken!")


This scares me. :-)


damn, I missed this. I would have been totally up for it. Another time!