70 W. Main Street
Patchogue, New York 11727

The end of the year fast approaches and we Gorillas are wondering if
you are really aware of the high regard that we have for you, Yo.
Did you know that the Gorillas would be willing to go to the ends of
the earth for you???

Seriously, Dude. We'd take a bullet for you. Well not actually, but
a knife.. yes a kni... Not really. A punch in the neck perhaps???
No. A pinch on the arm. No, that might leave a mark. We'd
definitely weather a stomach ache for you. Well maybe not that, but
we'd be willing to have a rash for you. A pimple??? Maybe. A small

To prove our point, we'll be playing twice...that's right, twice this
weekend for you, our very best friend. Well, not our BEST friend, but
a really fond acquaintance. Maybe not so much fond...skip it.


Indian burn. THAT'S IT!!! We'd take an Indian burn for you...maybe

Official Website: http://gashousegorillas.org

Added by jrfc3 on November 11, 2008

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