1500 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2009 is the world's premier business technology conference series, designed exclusively this year to help you and your organization drive business imperatives, operate with optimal efficiency, and position yourself to emerge from the economic downturn stronger than ever. Business technology will contribute to all of these goals, and Symposium/ITxpo 2009 will deliver you the insights and practical advice on precisely how.

A mere fraction of the pressing questions we'll help you answer this year:

* Which technology initiatives will provide me the most cost savings and/or the highest ROI in the near term?
* How can I negotiate and renegotiate the best-priced, most flexible, highest-value-delivering contracts for technology and service procurements?
* What are the qualitative and quantitative metrics I should be using to prioritize business technology projects?
* Which business intelligence, analytics and corporate performance management systems will help me cope best in this environment?
* What are the benefits and pitfalls of cloud computing?
* How can I ensure that budget cuts and the potential for lax attention to security won’t leave my organization vulnerable?
* What regulatory and compliance impact will a new world order bring?
* Can social software and social networking help my workforce cut costs and collaborate more effectively?
* What advances in communications and mobility will help my organization work more productively across time and distance?
* What emerging trends and technologies should I be watching to ensure I remain ahead of the competitive curve in my industry?
* Across industries, what are IT organizations doing today to ensure they continue to innovate despite trying times?
* How has the recession affected the market for IT talent?
* What leadership skills and qualities will make the difference for CIOs and other senior IT leaders in this environment?

Official Website: http://www.gartner.com/it/sym/2009/sym19/agenda.jsp

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