Whittaker House
Richmond, England TW9 1EH

GameCamp is a one-day event for people interested in games, and interesting people in gaming. GameCamp is for the whole gaming community: developers and artists, players and coders, critics, programmers and politicians.

We believe games aren’t just playthings; they’re one of the most important media of our civilization. Games have reach and power as great as those of video, music or the printed word. GameCamp is a forum to talk about this most powerful medium: how we make it, how we use it, how we can make gaming better, and even how we can make things better through gaming.

GameCamp is an unconference, modelled on the BarCamp series of developer events.

We will be linking to a place to get your tickets soon.

Official Website: http://gamecamp.org.uk

Added by RachelC on February 9, 2010



tickets are sold out, but you can try the waiting list https://www.eventbrite.com/waitlist?eid=592039807&tid=8951365