15 Hanbury Street,
London, England E1 6QR

Announcing GameCamp! Brought to you by the good people at The Guardian, Six to Start, Bibrik Ltd and NTK.

Holy cow - an unconference....about games?! Indeedy - we're importing the BarCamp model to interactive entertainment, and YOU are invited.

There are 120 places up for grabs, so put your name down as 'attending' if you're interested in joining in the fun. NOTE: PUTTING YOUR NAME DOWN HERE DOESN'T GUARANTEE A PLACE. We're opening up the event to the public on Monday 21 April.

We've already confirmed some stellar attendees from across the games biz - from founding fathers to revolutionaries to cogs in the machine. Expect a whole spectrum of games-related people to be there!


What: One-day event about games and play
When: Saturday May 3, 11am – 5.30pm
Where: 15 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR
How: Bring your imagination and something you’d like to talk about
Why: Why not?


GameCamp is a free, public one-day event for people interested in gaming and play. The objective is simple: to talk informally with like-minded people and get excited about stuff involving games of all kinds.


GameCamp is NOT a business networking event, and it’s NOT a chance to pitch ideas – although you might meet people you’d like to work with.


GameCamp is a communal “unconference” run along the principles of BarCamp – visit http://www.barcamp.org for more details.

That means EVERYBODY is encouraged to join in and be ready to give a talk, take part in a discussion or run a session.

We let you decide what the order of the day is: in the morning, once everyone has registered, you’ll get a chance to add your session to The Grid – the editable conference schedule that’s posted on a wall at the venue. This cacophony of blu-tac and sheets of A4 paper will list all the rooms and times that are available for the day, letting everyone see at a glance which sessions are coming up, and decide on the ones they’re most interested in attending.

The sessions are arranged as half-hour blocks split across several rooms, with 15 minute breaks between each period. We’ll take a 45 minute break for lunch at about 1.30pm and will convene at the end of the day to wrap things up.

Running a session doesn’t mean you need to prepare a speech – remember, the day is meant to be informal and fun – but you should have a good idea of the subjects you are interested in. This is a chance to try things out, to try new ideas, NOT just to run through the same presentation you’ve used before.

You might want to talk about something you’ve been working on, but we don’t necessarily need to know how great your latest game is. In fact, some of the best presentations at BarCamps have avoided pitches altogether. Like ‘How To Make A World-Class Martini (with tasting session)’. You might want to organise your session around the best Guitar Hero techniques, your top Open Source Game picks, or your latest theory on game design. We like people who are prepared to get stuck in, try new things and bring some fun to proceedings.


GameCamp’s primary sponsor is the Guardian.

We are also very grateful to Sony, who are hosting the event, and Nintendo for their assistance.

And let’s not forget our crack team of idea ninjas: Bobbie Johnson, Aleks Krotoski, Dan and Adrian Hon, Rachel Clarke and Dave Green. Our logo was designed by Chris Mac Morrison.


Full details are available on the Guardian website at:

Official Website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamecamp

Added by akrotoski on April 18, 2008



Superb idea guys!


What time are the sign-ups opening? I hope I didn't miss it!


The rumour from on high (on the facebook page) is that tix are opening up for the general public at noon.

get your trigger fingers at the ready...


Where's the facebook page?


Registration opens at noon - I think places will go fairly quickly.

I'll post the link here and on the Guardian site first, then in the Facebook page.


And I can confirm it's working! :)

- Neil.


All tickets gone - in under an hour!

Thanks to everyone who rushed in to book a place. You'll get a series of confirmation emails soon.


Damn, I added myself on Upcoming and assumed that we might get first refusal or at least some sort of automated alert. Sad to see i've missed out.


Yeah, sorry about that... but if there's a next time, we'll make sure there's more capacity.

PS Is there a way to send an alert to everyone who's signed up to an event?


Yup - if you're the organiser of the event there's a section in the right hand rail called "Need to be heard?" which lets you send an alert to everyone. Annecdotally though, this can take "some time" to get through to people.


Am looking forward to this. Hoping it's not going to be full of hardcore gaming types though.


Workingwithme - ah! That explains it; Krotoski counts as the organiser of this event because she added it to Upcoming. That's something worth knowing.

Frankie - there will be people of all stripes and gaming persuasions, I'm sure. You'll be able to find a friend in there somewhere.


I'm not a "hardcore" gaming type, so that makes at least two of us :)


Define 'hardcore gamer'? ;)

I for one will be representing the tabletop roleplaying fraternity, which in it's own way may be called hardcore, but I'm definitely not a PC or console jockey.

- Neil.


In my world, "hardcore" gamer = Halo 3 fanboy and suchlike (not to be confused with a regular Halo 3 fan) Hence the quotes around hardcore.

Hardcasual FTW!


I signed up at about noon for a ticket and it said I'd got one, but haven't received a confirmation email or anything. Have confirmation emails been sent out?


I got a confirmation (Subject line was "Your GameCamp 2008 booking" if that helps searching spam filters), but I am aware that EventWax occasionally has a couple of problems sending confimation emails out last week (BarCampLondon confirmations failed for a couple of people I know)


Does it have important details in it that I'd need to get in? Will there be more emails?


@Weefz Heh, good to know. The only console I have is a Sega Megadrive... :-)


I'll be packing a few UK designed or published role playing games (Wordplay, SimpleQuest, Esoterrorists, Fear Itself) if anyone fancies a game.

- Neil.