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Game Up!
Do games tell a story? Are games the new reading?

2 December 2008, Channel 4, 6-9pm
The Reading Agency in partnership with Channel 4 and Creative Partnerships

The 21st Century narrative landscape is changing; new communities of readers and writers are emerging. Reading is being redefined by digital media; narrative is no longer linear, stories and characters are co-produced and the distinction between creator and consumer is blurring. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the highly creative world of gaming.
This event will open the debate on the creative interaction between reading, writing and gaming and explore young people’s relationships, experiences and interactions with gaming, narrative and co-production. Where do we get and what do we want from stories now? What type of narratives do games offer? What does this mean for writers and readers? How can we build on this creative relationship to grow both the reading and gaming market?
If you are interested in gaming, reading, literacy and promoting creative learning to young people come and share new thinking on how reading and writing are changing and the creative potential for reading through gaming.
Game Up! will be introduced Miranda McKearney, The Reading Agency and Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4.
The chair will be Karl James, The Dialogue Project
Alice Taylor, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 education
Cory Doctorow writer, journalist, blogger
Dan Hon, CEO, six to start
Jason Kingsley CEO & Creative Director Rebellion
Derek Robertson, LTS’s National Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Learning

Sign up at: http://reading-games-ra.eventbrite.com/

Official Website: http://reading-games-ra.eventbrite.com/

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Bugger, missed the tickets for this - say hello to Derek Robertson for me!