521 Valencia
San Francisco, California 94110

A casual get together to talk about game ideas and general game play theory.

Open to anyone who wants to talk about (and sometimes play) games.

We talk about everything, from social gaming, iPhone apps, card games, abstract, whatever. If it's even remotely interesting, we'd love to talk about it.

What kind of people go to Game Theory? Anyone is welcome. Some of us have done video game design, or are into coding, but most of us just like to over think fun things.

Added by DocPop on May 7, 2008



Um, this is in San Francisco, not in Monterey, fwiw.


Thanks for the correction. I don't know why, but Upcoming HATES the Muddy Waters at 16th. Every single time I create an event here it insists there is only one Muddy Waters and it's the one on Church St. Coincidentally, that Muddy Waters isn't even there anymore and the other group I organize meets in the cafe where it used to be.