Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, W1F 0HS
London, England

Computers are inherently full of distractions, and this remains true when designing games digitally. The opportunity to create graphics, story, effects, scripted events and so forth is always there, distracting creators from the rules of the game.

However, the creation and modding of pen and paper board games has been found to be a very effective focusing tool, forcing you to get right down to the rules and gameplay of a project.

Game design consultant James Wallis will lead you through this one day workshop, going from basic design principles all the way to a playable prototype in one day.

The Skills Week Game Design Workshop will take place on Thursday the 30th of October, at 01zero-one college in Soho.

This workshop costs £5, and places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are available now from http://gamedesignworkshop.eventbrite.com

The Game Design Workshop is part of Skillsweek (www.skillsweek.com). Skillsweek is part of the London Games Fringe, a festival of alternative gaming events at the end of October 2008, organised by artists, academics, gamers, game developers, educators and creative professionals from a wide range of different media: www.londongamesfringe.com

Official Website: http://www.skillsweek.com/gamedesign

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