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Johan Tibell, from Google, is visiting Galois on Monday 15th September, and will be giving a tech talk about efficient IO in Haskell, based on left-fold enumerators, along with a demo of his high perf. Haskell webserver, Hyena, based on left-fold IO.


I will describe a programming style for I/O operations that is based on left-fold enumerators. This style of programming is more expressive than imperative style I/O represented by the Unix functions read and write, and safer than lazy I/O using streams. Left-fold enumerators offers both high-performance using block based I/O and safety in terms of error handling and resource usage. I will demonstrate Hyena, a web server prototype written in Haskell, as an example of left-fold enumerator style of programming.

This talk is intended as a starting point for further discussions on what would be a good interface for I/O rather than a presentation of finished research.

The talk will be at 1pm, on Monday 15th September, at Galois.

Official Website: http://www.galois.com/blog/2008/09/12/left-fold-enumerators-a-safe-expressive-and-efficient-io-interface-for-haskell/

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Neat! I just noticed that Galois is one block away. I hope they do more of these!