2600 E. Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, California 94303

This 90-minute webinar will focus on the critical steps in starting up a new cleanroom operation and releasing it for manufacturing. It includes a case study-based approach to dealing with excursion events and establishing control of the cleanroom after a worst case event.

Why Should You Attend:

This webinar will focus on starting up a new cleanroom operation covering from utilities to environmental monitoring. Routine cleaning and disinfection will also be addressed. Addressing contamination and bringing up the cleanroom after a worst case even will be discussed. Cases studies on bringing up the site after a worst case event will be discussed in detail. Excursion investigations will also be discussed and troubleshooting parameters and suggestions will be discussed.

Official Website: http://www.complianceonline.com/ecommerce/control/trainingFocus/~product_id=702333?channel=yahooevent

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