1965 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Konspiracy Group presents:


To hell with Dick Clark, ring in 2007 with the finest
in forward sounds and future bass with our special

DJ /rupture (Soot Records/Tigerbeat6/Soul Jazz)

You won't find another musician as agile and reckless
as DJ /rupture. He's performed in over 25 countries,
released records on Soul Jazz & Tigerbeat6, DJ'ed in a
band with Norah Jones, done two John Peel Sessions,
and was turntable soloist with the 80-member Barcelona
Symphony Orchestra. Rupture's fans include Robert
Plant and that hot person you saw on the street
yesterday but were afraid to talk to.

What's Rupture sound like? A border-crossing bass
visionary. His dynamic live sets simultaneously
partyrock and suggest complex political undertones.
Download his highly-influential Gold Teeth Thief mix
from 2001. A four-star review in VIBE Magazine praised
it as a "stunning, globe-trotting, three-turntable
mix" that "captures the spirit of the best bootleg
mixes-bumping, brash, and without borders." That, of
course, was just the beginning...

Rupture also runs Soot Records, an independent label
with impeccable curation, dedicated to international
urban music. Rupture plays in a band called Nettle -
violin, cello, electronics, banjo, guembri, voice.
Rupture does duo performances with guitarist Andy Moor
(The Ex). Both projects will release albums in 2007.


With able and hearty support from:

Jesse Proudfoot (Grime Sessions)

Able to swing from dirty grime to heavyweight 2-step
syncopation with the flick of the wrist, Jesse is one
of our favorite Djs. Vancouverites may remember him as
the one with all the really good R&B bootlegs at the
late, lamented Grime Sessions night at Shine. Dude has
deep crates and a sensibility that makes him perfect
for the Forward Series.

Kuma (The Konspiracy Group)

>From the legendary "Dubstep Wars" show on BBC Radio
1's the Breezeblock to gigs with artists as diverse as
Pieter K., Kode9 and Pete Lawrence, Kuma has spend the
last decade preaching the bass gospel to anyone that
can feel the bass vibrations. Frequently unpredictable
and always the life of the party, you can expect
something very special.

Special appearances from our usual sound rig plus some
of Vancouver's finest belly dancers. That's right,
belly dancers.

10pm till.....

$20 at the door.

Video-In Studios
1965 Main St.

More info: http://www.thekonspiracygroup.com

Mixes and ting soon...

Official Website: http://www.thekonspiracygroup.com

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