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The Social Technologies Summit is a leading international conference that brings together 500 opinion formers, futurologists, artists, researchers and technologists to explore the latest upgrade affecting today’s digital culture. Pioneering ideas will be presented, transforming the way you and your organisation operate, innovate and interact.

This is the place where the technology and digital sectors connect with the creative vision of the international digital arts community. Over four days and nights participants can share, collaborate and network whilst also immersing themselves in exciting and innovative art and music events within the wider festival.


Environment 2.0
Futuresonic’s ongoing theme is ever more prescient today. Environment 2.0 decodes the relationship between people, nature and technology, and explores how online technologists create interfaces between our digital presence and environmental footprint.

Identity and Trust
Trust is the glue that stops the online world collapsing into anarchy. In the online world we can create unique digital personas. How do we trust those we meet and how do we know that online social spaces are secure.

Social Mobile
Constantly on, always active, the mobile phone is coming of age, and is now the world's most pervasive technology. Coupled with their ever expanding feature set (cameras, GPS, NFC, compass, accelerometers, etc), they offer the possibility of new and exciting forms of interactivity.

Semantic Web: Cultural Algorithms
Web applications are evolving and learning. Through complex algorithms search engines and others learn habits and capitalise on the torrent of marketable information produced. The Semantic Web offers an even more accurate map of our preferences. But is this map based on the presumption of common language and experience.

Participatory Media
User-generated content, peer-to-peer interaction and online communities are changing the nature of media and the creative industries.

Official Website: http://www.futuresonic.com

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