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If we are to ensure that the UK’s education system can constantly adapt to and exploit developments in digital technologies, a significant shift in current teaching and learning practices is required. To achieve this, we need to understand how best to support teachers to innovate, explore and experiment with these technologies at a local level. We need to understand how we can create a 'culture of innovation' in and across UK schools which taps into the creativity and imagination of teachers.

Futurelab’s autumn conference has been designed to build on what might be done to enable, encourage and develop new practice to improve learning and teaching. It focuses on the ways in which teachers and policy makers might take advantage of new tools and resources to enable them to respond to changing social, cultural and political contexts. In doing so, the conference explores, through inspiring keynotes and exciting, practical workshops, the factors that prevent or discourage innovation in education, as well as the strategies, approaches and resources that support and nurture innovation.

The conference is set to challenge policy makers to create an environment that actively facilitates and encourages innovative practices in education. It questions the effect the curriculum, institutional organisations and measurements of educational success all have on teacher creativity, and asks whether the current education system allows for time and encouragement to try out new practices.

Who should attend?

Teachers, ICT coordinators and education researchers – Question established practices, explore new learning tools and techniques, and create links with developers of digital resources both inside and outside of school.

Education policy makers and opinion formers - Develop a clear picture of the implications of technology on education reform, and explore how to develop a culture of innovation in UK schools.

Technology, software and creative industries - Explore how to address the needs of the education market and connect with both practitioners and policy makers for continued success.

Official Website: http://www.futurelab.org.uk/events/listing/why_dont_you

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