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Where do we want to go as a region? Where do we want to be in three years? Guide the future of Metro Vancouver at discussion forums in June and the first ever Future of the Region Sustainability Summit this October.

Metro Vancouver seeks to enhance public participation in the creation of a livable and sustainable region through a series of discussion forums in June of this year, and the inaugural region-wide Future of the Region Sustainability Summit in October.

Since 2006, Metro Vancouver has hosted the Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues and Sustainability Community Breakfasts program. Expert panelists and highly–engaged participants have provided fresh and stimulating perspectives on regional issues, generating a wealth of information that will help us all – politicians, business, community advocates and citizens alike - as we work towards a sustainable future for Metro Vancouver.

What’s next? Find out as we take the first steps to integrate all the issues that are important to the region, gain new perspectives and define a regional blueprint/vision for action.
A strategic, region-wide event, the summits will be held once every three years and are intended to set, and in subsequent years review, progress towards agreed on sustainability targets. The summits will provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and more detailed discussion of sustainability themes deemed critical to Metro Vancouver’s future.

Future of the Region Sustainability Summits will work towards the achievement of community consensus on key issues, a common vision for the future, and a shared agenda for action to achieve that vision.

June 2008 Discussion Forums

The Discussion Forums represent a next step in moving from dialogue to action by identifying consensus on issues of regional importance, and integrating those issues for discussion at the Summit.

A key objective is for continued discussion and integration of regional issues as well as the establishment of collaboratively-set goals, in the form of a communiqué to be brought forward at the summits. In subsequent years, forums will review the achievement of established regional goals and objectives.

Official Website: http://www.gvrd.bc.ca/sustainability/summits.html

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