1 Charlie Chaplin Walk
London, England SE1 8XR

This one day conference with some of the biggest names in mobile development - including the handsets, the browsers, the web apps, operators and content providers - is a must-attend for anyone who wants to gen up on all things mobile.

Working with program chair and mobile expert Brian Fling, we've put together a fantastic list of speakers and broad spectrum of topics covering everything from web development standards to the impact of the iPhone. FOM aims to bring together all the various strands of the mobile story so far, and provide some expert insight and practical advice on building successful mobile products and strategies for the future.

Sessions on:
- What Users Want - Which Apps Should You be Building?
- How the iPhone Will Change the Mobile Space
- Will Content be King on Mobile?
- Cracking the Code: Developing for Mobile Devices
- How the Masses Will use Mobile?
- The Truth About Mobile Web Development Standards
- Getting Mobile Type Right
- Keeping Users Happy and Coming Back for More!

Official Website: http://www.future-of-mobile.com/

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