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Funk is that nitty-gritty thang that affects people when things get
heavy. Funk can be out of control, like the chaos of a rebellion, or
instinctively elegant, like that extended round of lovemaking that hits
overdrive. Funk is what you say when nothing else will do. When you've
done all you can and there's nothing else: "Funk it!" George "Dr.
Funkenstien" Clinton, the most heralded authority of funk philosophy,
reduced The Funk to its barest essence:

"Funk is whatever it needs to be, at the time that it is." Someone
"funky-looking" is generally thought of as someone colourful and
amusing, yet unkempt, undisciplined, somewhere between exotic and
ridiculous. Whether or not "funky" is in style, there are funky-looking
people everywhere. Quite often, these funky people are self-styled,
creative, and in touch with themselves. Funkiness, then, is an earthy
sense of self that is free of inhibitions and capable of tapping
instincts and celebrating the human condition in all its forms.
Funkiness is a way of life.

Get experienced on Friday, February 29th with Dj Jeremiah and the
Afrobeat Nation
playing African Funk inspired by the King of Afrobeat-
Fela Kuti. Dj Vanka will spin Afro-Brazilian, Afro-latin Funk and Dj
Dulce De Leche
lays down Argentinian funk and soul.

All for $5 bones only.

Official Website: http://maishaproductions.com

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