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San Francisco, California 94110

Funk is a many splendored thing. Funk is a nasty vibe, and a sweet sexy
feeling. Funk is funkiness, a natural release of the essence within.
Funk is a high, but it is also down at the bottom, the low-down earthy
essence, the bass elements. Funk is at the extremes of everything. Funk
is hot, but can be cool. Funk is primitive, yet funk can be
sophisticated. funk is a way out, and a way in. Funk is all over the
place. Funk is a means of release that cannot be denied. Trying to put
a thang called funk into words is like trying to write down your
orgasm. Both thrive in that gap in time when words fall away, leaving
northing but sensation.

Funk is impossible to completely describe in words, yet we know the
funk vibe when we see it. Funk is that love-dirty dog feeling that pops
up when a baaaad funk jam gets to the heated part, and you forget about
that contrived dance your were trying, and you get off your ass and
jam. The funk when you're on a date and it's time to make your move-the
funk is a rush that comes all over your body. Scientists have yet to
discover that particular funk gland, but rest assured there are plenty
of bodily excretions associated with it.

Funkiness for our purposes is an aesthetic of deliberate confusion,
or uninhibited, soulful behavior that remains viable because of a faith
in instinct, a joy of self, particularly unassimilated black american

James Brown is the Godfather of funk and soul.

Join us Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29th at the Elbo Room
for two electrifying nights of gritty, nasty, hard-hitting, out
control, expressions of funk. Featuring Sila and the Afrofunk
(Africam Funk and Afrobeat), Vinyl (Old School funk & Soul), Dj
Jeremiah and the Afrobeat Nation
(Afro-Brazilian, Afro-latin,
Afrobeat), and Dj Felina (Tropical Funk).

Official Website: http://maishaproductions.com

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