Custer and Rankin
San Francisco, California

Interpretive Arson and the Cracktory Present...

A Fundraiser for Dance Dance Immolation

**Saturday, June 4th at 9pm**
at the Cracktory in SF
$10-$20 sliding scale

We are going to shoot people, and by people we mean you, with flamethrowers. Really. The kind that are on fire.

Dance Dance Immolation is like Dance Dance Revolution (the video game where you dance on the pads), but with fire! Put on a fireproof suit and play a few rounds. Scoring well wins you acclaim from flame cannons, scoring poorly wins you a propane blast in the face! We promise not
to burninate you... too much...

Come support our crazy pyro dream, and enjoy fire-spewing cake!
Burn-your-own creme brulee! Plenty of tasty pyro desserts and snacks!
Flambe bar, including the complete Flaming Larry experience!

Two rooms of music: downtempo for flaming cocktails, and techno/breaks for flaming booties. Djs Mermaid, Jovino, Pyrokitten, and more!

We'll also raffle off a flamethrower, because we like fire SO MUCH. Fire Makes Everything Better.

The Cracktory is located at the corner of Custer and Rankin in Hunters Point, San Francisco. For directions and more information:

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