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Hello Friends!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled listing to let you know about a super FUN party we are going to be at Friday. If you come to Studio B you will hear the amazing sounds of Apache Beat AND Crystal Castles! Those kids haven’t been here since CMJ so if you missed them, now is your chance to get to see them LIVE! The Bangers and Eamon Harkin will be keeping the dance floor in motion before, after, and in between bands.
Because we love you so much, we are offering reduced admission to you – our fabulous friends! Please email we.are.yourfriends [at] hotmail [dot] com (and please don't add this email to any lists) with your full name and number of guests and we will add you!
Come on out – it will be a *fun* night not to be missed!


come party with us!<-----

About Crystal Castles:
(from LAST.FM)
Crystal Castles are a Toronto-based "8-bit terror duo" consisting of a girl named Alice, who provides vocals and a multi-instrumentalist by the name of Ethin (or Claudio). Their music has been described as "a perfect blend of spontaneity and inspiration" and "innovative". They are known not only for their efforts as a band but also because they have remixed songs for a number of bands. Some notable remixes include: "Leni" by Goodbooks, "Crystal Castles Vs. Comic Book Fever", "Lovers Who Uncover" by The Little Ones[5] and Klaxons track, "Atlantis to Interzone". The "Leni" remix got a positive review from indie music review website, Pitchfork media.
The band have been very successful despite the fact that the band was formed accidentally; the first song, Alice Practice, released into the public domain, through MySpace, was actually just a microphone test. Alice wasn't even aware that it had been used until record companies heard the song and contacted them to offer them record deals. She was reportedly very angry at Ethin, quoted as saying, "We were testing the fucking mic! What were you fucking thinking about!"

About Apache Beat:
"Fronted by the enchanting Aussie ex-pat Ilirjana Alushaj, the band let loose as if venting pent-up frustrations in a musical catharsis. Already a tight unit, many in the sizable crowd would have guessed that this band had been together for years instead of months, if they hadn't been so busy getting down to the creative beats of drummer Neil Westgate, or the frantic, melodic guitar work of Phil Aceto. The highlight of this set was the song "Tropics," a dark, feverish storm-pop number which, despite disparate parts, somehow coalesces to makes a beautiful kind of sense."

::::::: UPCOMING WAYF :::::::::
6/4: WAYF w/ DJs Huggs & Dances with White Girls @ Bar 13
6/20: WAYF w/ DJs SMC& Max Pask @ Bar 13
7/18: WAYF w/ DJs Adam Shore & Sean Dackattack @ Bar 13

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/funatstudiob

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