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Daniel Clowes (US)
Daniel Clowes ist one of America’s most important comics artists. The comic book series «Eightball», written and drawn by Clowes, is one of the most influential comics of the 1990s that is still a formative influence today regarding style and content. Instead of using the classic American comic book format, he designed his series as a magazine in which he had continuing storylines run simultaneously as a series over multiple issues. This resulted in extensive graphic novels such as «Ghost World» or «David Boring». «Ghost World» was successfully adapted for film in 2001 using a script by Clowes. Fumetto presents the first comprehensive exhibition of this exceptional artist worldwide.

8 / Frigorex Areal

April 9th – April 17th (10 am – 8 pm)
talk with the artist in the exhibition: Saturday the 9th of April at 6 pm
movie sreening «Ghost World» at
the movie theater Bourbaki:
Saturday the 9th of April at 9 pm
Exhibition partner:
U.S. Embassy Bern, Public Affairs

About Fumetto
Fumetto – International Comix-Festival Lucerne has since its introduction in 1992 developed into the top location for artistically ambitious comics in Europe. Unlike other comic related events Fumetto is explicitly devoted to the art of comics and has no commercial trade fair attached. Every year it presents a well-balanced program of exhibitions by national and international artists committed to narrative art for 9 days in and around the city of Lucerne. Fumetto is unique in its avant-garde approach and focuses on various forms of art (comic, installation, theatre, painting, performance, installation, graphic arts, streetart, animation).

Being solely an arts and culture event without commercial background, Fumetto sets high standards to the artwork it presents. The festival shows the most influential and innovative graphic artists in up to 20 main exhibitions. It also offers the opportunity to discover artists in 50 satellite exhibitions in shops, restaurants and bars all over the city and provides an extensive supporting program including theatre, performances, music and movies.

Fumetto is dedicated to promoting young talents as well as providing the visitors of all ages with an exemplary educational program of artists talks, lectures, workshops and guided tours. The infectious creative atmosphere attracts up to 55’000 visitors each year and makes the festival an essential venue for art lovers, artists and comic fans from around the world.

The international Comix Competition has been introduced with the first festival in 1992 and has been growing steadily ever since. By now up to 1’000 entries arrive from over 30 countries each year and winners move on to being internationally recognised and published. The competition offers comic artists of all ages, in three age categories, the opportunity to present their work to an international judging panel and present it to the public in the competition exhibition during the festival.

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