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The Golden Melody Band is a virtuosic acoustic ensemble featuring Dina Maccabee (violin), Rob Reich (accordion), Yair Evnine (guitar and cello), and Seth Ford Young (bass). They play intricate, hard-edged arrangements of rare gems, finding common ground between classical and folk music. Their repertoire springs from a variety of sources ranging from Chopin and Satie to the Beatles, ragtime, and traditional klezmer. The "pickPocket Ensemble echoes Parisian cafe music, Gypsy jigs, and ragtime shuffles with an infectious musical intimacy that turns living rooms and clubs alike into a grotto or oasis." - East Bay Express

Official Website: http://www.dogearedbooks.com/redhill

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Anything Rob Reich and company are a part of is simply high quality fun music.

Be prepared to be awed and be prepared to boogie!