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// Double Feature

Harking back to the Vietnam era in Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick resists the military’s instinct for erasing individual dignity as eloquently as he did thirty years before in Paths of Glory.

The film is divided in two parts: First, we’re among fresh recruits on Parris Island, being trained by a fanatical drill sergeant. Second, we’re in the heat of combat where death at any moment haunts the now-hardened soldiers. With Matthew Modine, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dorian Harewood, Lee Ermey, and Arliss Howard. 116 mins., 35mm)

Acclaimed for its stunning visualization of New York City, Killer’s Kiss is the director’s second independent feature, shot on the streets on a $40,000 budget raised among friends and relatives. It’s a jazz-scored, noir-like tale of a beaten-down boxer and the revenge scenario he inspires when he succumbs to a prostitute’s wiles. With Frank Silvera, Irene Kane, and Jamie Smith. (67 mins., 35mm)

Second film begins at 9:10 PM

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