6-3-2 Jingumae (Harajuku)
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture 150

October 13th 2007 we will have the second class of our

Fujimamas “Saturday Beer School”

We at Fujimamas love to learn new things, love to taste new things and of course we Love to drink BEER. So…We are launching a new Beer version of our popular SATURDAY SCHOOL! October’s Class is in honor of the age old tradition of
October Fest!

4 times at year on a special Saturday we will have affordable fun beer classes on different topics and themes! October’s Theme will be
All about German Beers
Learn about the techniques and style of German Beer Makers all the while you are drinking Good Beer!

Bryan Harrell of Brews-News fame will be our teacher.

Allow us to enlighten you: it's not brain surgery and it is fun! Come join a small group of “Hip Tasters” You'll learn how to taste and tell a lager from an ale- and try some of the best and most interesting beers available in Tokyo.

2500 yen per person tax included RSVP required, please!
call 03-5485-2283 or email [email protected]


Price includes tasting Beer, class materials and snacks. Bring a notebook!

Official Website: http://www.fujimamas.com

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