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"Innovation used to happen by chance, if it happened at all. Not any longer. Today, the world’s most forward-thinking companies see innovation as an engine for growth and, therefore, something that must be strategically managed and securely harnessed. It is the new currency of competition. It is the key to organic growth and wider profit margins. It is, in short, the Holy Grail of business in the 21st Century and companies must keep innovating if they are to keep growing.

Building on the success of the FT’s inaugural Innovation summit in December 2006, FT Innovate 2007 will gather the leading thinkers and practitioners from the global corporate community to explore questions that get at the bedrock fundamentals of innovation and bring new thinking to current challenges.

It will provide an unrivalled opportunity to network with the most ingenious lateral-thinkers in the global business community and bring innovation practitioners up to date with the latest trends and developments in process innovation, product innovation, global product development and new business models for innovation."

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Harry Wood

registration fee £1695

Was it worth it?


Posting this event wasn't intended as an endorsement of its value. But it should have been a valuable event, not least as the programmers were imaginative to invite Doug Solomon, Chief Technology Strategist at IDEO, to speak. It is also worth posting events so people know to look out for reports or documentation relating to them.