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"There is now a digital strategy at the heart of every media business model. The global media players are finally coming round to the idea that digital is more than just a new way to receive traditional media. It is an entirely new world of two-way interaction with the user. The challenge now for the big media players is to put themselves in the driving seat to distribute their content as widely as possible, across the different platforms and search engines, whilst collecting a share of the revenue along the way.

However, even as media moves from idea to execution, technology and the internet are already racing ahead with new ideas. The technology producers are competing to create the all-in-one device at the centre of the digital living room, offering the ultimate user experience; whilst the world wide web is constantly spawning new phenomena -online communities are regarded as the next big thing, powerful tools for content distribution, gold mines to be exploited.

The Financial Times Digital Media & Broadcasting Conference is an annual flagship event in the industry’s calendar. It is a pre-eminent gathering of the leading decision makers, strategists and visionaries and is a must-attend for those whose business is digital media."

Official Website: http://www.ftconferences.com/digitalmedia/

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really excited to be coming along. hope it delivers all that i expect! :)