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The Reverend is not only a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show, but the Roast Master for all of the Howard’s roasts, as well as the creator of the Miserable Men Show that airs on Howard 101 every Monday at 7:00 pm along with Shuli and Jim Florentine. In addition Bob can be heard on the KiddChris Show on WYSP in Philadelphia (94.1) and on 93.7 in Pittsburgh as a writer and regular on air personality.

Not only is Sal known for prank phone calls, but for his ability to create comedic parodies for the Howard Stern Show. Now that Sal has established a notoriously edgy stand up routine, his goal is to deliver his jokes to the fans. Sal the Stockbroker, who is by far the most unpredictable member of the tour, always has a surprise in store. The uncertainty of Sal and his actions add another element to his persona. Governale has been known to be brutally honest, and often times say things that get him into hot water. The question that many people have about sal is, what will he come up with next?

A long time caller of the show, Shuli received his big break before the launch of Sirius, when he received a call from Tim Sabian in regards to joining the Howard 100 news team. Shuli, alongside with the other news reporters, has the ability to put a comedic spin on any situation.You can also hear Shuli cohost the weekly Miserable Men show on Monday nights at 7:00 pm on Howard 101.

On April 23rd, 2003 Richard Christy made his first appearance on The Howard Stern Show. In June of 2004, Richard was one of 10 other candidates to audition for the job of Stuttering John. After a week long audition, the Howard Stern audience voted, and Richard officially won his dream job. After moving from the countryside of Kansas, to the city of New York, Richard is in the transition of becoming a self proclaimed city slicker.

Yucko, a frequent guest on the Stern Show, has been also seen on national television. You may have seen Yucko on The Jimmy Kimmel Show (ABC) and the Last Comic Standing season 1 finale. Yucko is known for his incredibly filthy jokes, as well as a very eccentric stage act that involves the use of interesting and obscene props.

Beetlejuice has certainly made a name for himself in the industry over the years, and has obtained a very large fan base. Not only is he a frequent regular on the Stern Show, but a notorious personality in the entertainment business. Beetlejuice has remained very busy with his overwhelming amount of personal appearances, and has participated in all facets of the industry including film and television. You may have seen Beetle in movies like Scary Movie 2, or Bubbleboy. In his Beetle has also has made appearances in the wrestling ring as a figure in the WCW.

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