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"The Environment and Sustainability" is one of Stanford's top initiatives, and reducing our own green house gas emissions is an important element of Stanford's mission. With Computing and IT equipment using nearly 15% of the campus' annual electricity needs, focusing on Sustainable IT is an important path to reducing overall green house gas emissions.

To do this, Stanford created the position of Sustainable IT. Reporting to both facilities and Central IT, this role allows the University to develop energy- and cost-saving programs that address desktop computing, administrative computing, and research computing. In addition, Stanford is using the IT infrastructure to enable energy savings for the rest of campus through innovative "work anywhere" programs, and is building a bridge between faculty conducting research on IT energy savings and staff seeking innovative solutions to their energy-saving efforts.

Joyce Dickerson, Director of Sustainable IT, will share how Stanford has framed these efforts, what specific projects it is embarking on, and how it calculates green house gas reductions and payback for each initiative it deploys.

Gourmet dinner and wine will be served!

$20 online, $30 at the door.

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/CIO-IT-Executives/calendar/10447468/

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