5961 Birdcage St
Citrus Heights, California

Pennville Lunatic Asylum
Do you dare enter Pennville Lunatic Asylum? It's just an abandoned insane asylum from the 1950s filled with nothing but pure terror, and the best part--you're the first ones to step foot in it!

Podunk Hill - A Hillbilly Reunion
The wild and crazy hillbillies are back for revenge and they ain't too happy about you just barging in and messing with their Hillbilly Reunion on their rundown street of Podunk Hill.
Boondock Bayou
This swampy forest has a dark secret that you only find out once, and never live to tell about it. Care to find out?
Black Out
Pure darkness and a ton of hidden scares. Definitely not for the claustrophobic!

Official Website: http://www.frightplanet.com/

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