2200 S. Swanson St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Venture into the dark cavernous underground of Mine # 5. Stay together, because you are not alone in this supposedly abandoned mine. Twists and turns await you in these tunnels, but beware of the miners, they are looking to break a few hearts.

Originally built to be a hospital to help understand the insane, The Asylum soon turned into a place of torture, experiments, and unexplained patient deaths. One terrible day the patients took over, trapping the doctors and nurses in the hospital and exacting their revenge. Now years later, it stands a deserted, crumbling building only spoken of in ghost stories and lore. Will you be brave enough to unlock its secrets?

YOU WILL ! Complete darkness, sensory overload, enough said !
"What was that ?"

There is no Count Dracula here. Explore the sensual side of Vampires. Stroll through a quiet village, where all of the residents have an insatiable thirst for the warmness running through your veins. Don't make eye contact, you may fall prey to their seductive ways. That feeling of being wanted may turn into the feeling of being drained.[RATED R]

Official Website: http://www.frightfactory.tv

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