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It’s 2009, on the 4th anniversary of Fright Factory, another season of mystery is upon us. For the last 3 years, while attempting to capitalize on the history of a duffle bag with the lost video tapes of a missing film crew, a group organized Halloween events based on what was found on these tapes. Thousands have attended these events. But, some stayed by no choice of their own. What was planned to be a fun and exciting social event, only ended in tragedy.

Since last year, local Investigators were able to identify the warehouse crime scene as the work of Gunner James, an inmate that escaped from the psychiatric ward of the Sierra Penitentiary. He has been wanted for years, and it is only now that we have been able identify him as the only suspect in the disappearance of the film crew.

Fear has never gripped a community like this before. Can anyone escape Gunner James? And, will you survive his playground?

Official Website: http://www.itsscary.com/

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