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Host: Alabama Policy Institute. To remember what Friedman has given us, Alabama Policy Institute (API) is leading the celebration of Milton Friedman Day in Alabama on July 31, Friedman’s birthday. Friedman is honored around the world as one of the greatest champions of freedom in our time. When Friedman started writing in the 1950s, Communist tyranny dominated half the world, and was aggressively moving to take over the other half. It was an open question whether freedom would survive at all. But what was probably even worse was that the “free world” itself had lost its faith in freedom. Government management of the whole economy was thought to be clearly more efficient than the chaos of the free market. Friedman worked long and hard for over half a century to restore that idea. His ideas helped win the great 20th century struggle against tyranny. In the quarter century since Ronald Reagan put Friedman’s ideas (and his students) in charge of the money supply, all sectors of American society from top to bottom have enjoyed an unprecedented explosion of new wealth. Friedman worked to extend freedom in a variety of other areas, too. API Senior Fellow, Dr. Lawrence Lovik, will speak, followed by a short question and answer session. Join API on July 31 in thanking the man who did so much to preserve, protect, and defend it.

Official Website: http://www.alabamapolicyinstitute.org/events/event.php?ID_event=20

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