1220 W. 3rd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

A community-wide rally encouraging the government to freeze foreclosures and allow more time for people to save their homes.

The Foreclosure Action Coalition wants the Court’s 33 judges to:

1) Order a Stay (freeze) of at least three months on all foreclosure cases involving owner-occupied property. (Foreclosures on vacant property would proceed normally.)

2) Determine which properties are owner-occupied vs. renter occupied. Work with Cleveland Tenants Organization to conduct outreach to all affected tenants before allowing foreclosures on rental properties to proceed.

3) Divert all owner-occupied foreclosures to community counseling programs affiliated with the Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Prevention Program, with the Court’s own Mediation Program as a second step to be used where appropriate.

Added by Jenita on October 23, 2008