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Free-Tel: Calls For Change is a one-day miniconference bridging emerging telephony applications and social change. A series of talks and workshops targeting Activists, Advocacy, Fundraisers, and Organizers will be held by Technical Innovators who have been successfully using telephone networks as a powerful tool for social change. A wide breadth of tools will be covered, from traditional membership communication, Get Out The Vote, and call centers, to more recent tools and technologies such as Web 2.0 applications, VoIP, polling, and SMS. The community is invited to brainstorm, discuss needs of advocacy organizations, and share skills in building out these systems. http://www.callsforchange.org

Calls For Change will be held in conjunction with O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony Conference February 27th to March 1st.

When: February 27th

Where: San Francisco Airport Marriott

Activists, Advocates, and Organizers working for social change will meet with and collaborate with Techies who will have been using the the phone system for social change.

The day will be divided up in to two sections, a morning of presentations about campaigns which have successfully used the phone system (mobile, voip, and landline). We will have presentations on some of the applications which have been built for these campaigns.

Cost: Free! Just remember to register using the code on the calls for change site.

The afternoon will be devoted to workshops to evaluate the needs of advocacy organizations and technical workshops to share skills in building out the systems.

Official Website: http://www.callsforchange.org

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