45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Cost: Open payment - around £10 would be nice, but if it is a barrier don't worry about it!

This September is the first of our Freelance Meetups designed for creative freelancers and micro-businesses. It's a non-pressured environment that will give you great opportunity to meet with other professionals, discuss freelancers issues, have a rant, make friends and perhaps get some business out of it somewhere down the line.

The idea is that:

* you can come at any point in the day
* you'll probably have some good conversations and as a result new ideas and opportunities.
* it will be great for moral and professional support
* if you'd like to work from The Werks you might want to bring a laptop (free wifi) or other forms of work.
* it's not a mad rush to meet people. It goes on for hours. Take your time.
* you'll probably feel left out if you come in a suit.
* business cards are good, but put good conversation before them.
* don't expect magic results on the first day. Relationships take time to build.

On the same day from 5:30pm is After Werk (a Halloween Special), our monthly social. We would love it if you could join us then too.

Official Website: http://thewerks.org.uk/

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