135 Western Road
Brighton & Hove, England BN1 2LA

This is a free event for freelancers and contractors in the run-up to National Freelancers Day. Hosted by online accountants Crunch.co.uk and FreelanceAdvisor.co.uk it makes for a great networking opportunity.

Located in the rather swish Koba bar in Brighton, this is a chance for some fresh thinking on the issues that face all freelancers and contractors today.

Here's what's going to happen:

* Delegates are divided into seven groups and asked to draw cards at random

* One person in each group will draw a ‘hot-seat’ card, which contains one of the challenges listed below

* Each group will work on a different challenge

* The person in the hot-seat has 45 minutes to develop a 5 minute presentation that answers the challenge

* The remaining group members help their hot-seater by making suggestions, asking questions, challenging and bringing the benefit of their experience to the table

* At the end of the evening, each of the seven hot-seaters presents his/her solution to the audience

Book your place here: http://www.nationalfreelancersday.org.uk/cms/register-for-an-event

Official Website: http://www.nationalfreelancersday.org.uk/cms/register-for-an-event

Added by copydixon on September 15, 2010