New York City, New York

The Totally Free, Totally Independent Music Festival!
Sunday, April 9th (2pm ? Midnight), Monday, April 10th (7pm ? Midnight)
At Cakeshop, The Living Room, and Pianos (Ludlow near Stanton, Manhattan?s LES)
Presented by

Featuring: Earl Greyhound, Vague Angels, Pyradical, Rockwell Rockwellian, The Exit, group shows La Vernissagerie and Honky Tonk Happy Hour, and the world premier of Larune?s rock opera ?Bulgaria?. (Visit for complete listings and information.)
DESCRIPTION: A cross-genre collective of New York bands have agreed to play the FREEDOM FESTIVAL, a two-day, FREE celebration of the originality and veracity of NYC?s independent, live music scene and the widely varied tastes of the modern music listener! Festival creators Kamara Thomas, Chris Leo and Rockwell Rockwellian aim to provide a platform for the creatively ambitious music of NYC (and beyond!) and to promote a sense of community by offering an eclectic line-up of FREE, live musical experiences to the public.

In conjunction with the festival, will be launching its free-music-download site?a way for the greater community to discover new and interesting music online, absolutely FREE!

Long-term goals of the festival and its creators are to:

- Encourage the community to experience live music and to recognize its cultural significance.

- Encourage artists to find newer and more relevant ways to promote/sell their work and engage their audiences, FREE from the constraints of existing music industry practices.

- Encourage a dialogue about artists? responsibility to give their work to the community (for FREE, if necessary), and the community?s responsibility to show support for the artists it values.


- FREE CD including tracks from most participants, available the day of the festival!
- La Vernissagerie, where a cross-section of NYC?s finest songwriters perform their newest material along with guest poets and old-school New Yorkers!
- Honky Tonk Happy Hour, the most raucous, yee-haw country music show in NYC!
- World Premiere of Larune?s ?Bulgaria?, the darkest rock opera since Tom Waits? Black Rider!
- Parade of bands, spanning many genres, for a varied and satisfying FREE musical experience!


?When fine dining, the topic of money is not breached until the aperitif, appetizer, soup, entrée, dessert, and digestif are digested.??Chris Leo (Vague Angels)

?I make music whether I get paid or not, and I want people to hear it. If they want to support what I?m doing, then I appreciate that, and they should go right on ahead. I will continue to push myself and my work regardless.? ?Kamara Thomas (Larune, Earl Greyhound, Pyradical, Honky Tonk Happy Hour)

?What?s the problem with the record industry? There IS no problem for the artist. I have more production power than the Beatles, and I have more distribution. And anyone with a computer has the same power.? ?Rockwell Rockwellian

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