39 New Montgomery
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94105

Ordinarily we'd be having a user group meeting in mid-August, according to our not-very-official system of having one about every two months.

Unfortunately, we're remodelling Freebase HQ around then, and attempting to squeeze a user group meeting in there -- especially one as huge as last time! -- would be a recipe for disaster.

So this time round, I'd like to invite our friends to join us for beer on August 12th at the House of Shields on New Montgomery Street, just near Montgomery BART. We've booked the upstairs mezzanine area, so we'll be gathering there from 6:30pm til at least 9pm.

This is a buy-your-own-drinks event, with certain exceptions. See our blog for details.

Added by KirrilyRobert on August 4, 2008