29-33 Grays Inn Road
London, England WC1X 8PN

Freebase, the free and open database of everything, is sending an emissary to London and there'll be a gathering/meetup for Freebase contributors, app developers, and other enthusiasts. Come join us to talk about open data, mashups, etc over a pint and some food.

I'm told there's free wifi, so laptops are welcome and I'm sure there'll be some informal demos and hacking going on.

For more information or just to get in touch, email [email protected].

Official Website: http://blog.freebase.com/2008/08/13/freebase-meetup-in-london-next-wednesday-august-20th/

Added by KirrilyRobert on August 13, 2008



In addition to Kirrily, at least one other Freebase developer (me) has made it over from San Francisco to London. So tonight is definitely the best opportunity to get the inside story on Freebase.


Two others, in fact!


Aomarks: yay! Plus, Jonathan Lowe (geodata guru) who doesn't appear to be signed up here on upcoming, but told me he was coming.