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Join us at the Erlang London User Group meeting on Monday the 6th of August, where Huiqing Li, Simon Thompson and Xingdong Bian will give a tutorial on Wrangler. Be there at 18.00 for an 18.30 start. The meeting will be followed by beer, softdrinks and snacks. If you would like to attend this free event, please register (, as places are limited!

The Wrangler tutorial will be held in Erlang Training and Consulting's meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Fruit and Wool Exchange. For directions, visit our Contact page. We strongly recommend you bring your own laptop, so that you can participate fully in the tutorial.

Wrangler is an interactive refactoring tool for Erlang, integrated into both Emacs and Eclipse. Wrangler's refactorings cover structural changes such as function, variable and module renaming, function extraction and generalisation. Wrangler recognises macros in code, and can be used in a
single file or across a whole project. Wrangler can also be used to locate and remove code clones, and we're working on locating similar code fragments.

Huiqing Li got her PhD at Kent University in September 2006 and works as a post doc in the EU project ProTest to further develop the refactoring tool Wrangler.

Creator of Erlang's popular Refactoring tool Wrangler, Simon Thompson is Professor of Logic and Computation at the University of Kent and a well-known expert on Functional languages. A long-term contributor to the Haskel and Erlang communities and author of many popular books, including "Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming", and "Erlang Programming". His work covers many aspects of functional programming and logic in computer science for Erlang and also for Haskel.

Xingdong started working with Erlang two years ago as a result of his passion for functional programming. He has been working on the Erlang web-platform developing reusable components with Wrangler, the refactoring tool from University of Kent, to make the components of the web-platform generic and reusable.

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